Does your hair lack shine, tangle easily or just feel dry and brittle?

You Need Moisture!

Dryness (lack of moisture) is one of the most common hair conditions in Calgary. Almost every one of my clients has dry hair to some degree. Part of the reason for this is that the air is so dry it can actually leach the moisture right out of your hair! You can usually tell your hair is dry by touching it, if it feels dry and tangles easily your hair needs to be treated before it turns into brittleness and breakage (think of spaghetti before and after it is cooked). Dryness is usually more pronounced the more wavy/curly your hair is (more exposure to the air), the more extreme/frequent you color your hair, and the more you wash and heat style. Mineral build up from hard water and wax build up (from lower quality products that are high in waxes and other fillers) can also prevent moisture from entering your hair, making it harder to treat.


The best treatment is your natural scalp oil, which is why it is so important to not overwash your hair (somewhere between every other day and one week between shampoos is good). However, this usually only covers the 1-3 inches closest to your scalp. The rest of your length has to be treated with product, sometimes multiple products if hair is extremely dry. In extreme cases I recommend an overnight (or all day) direct treatment by saturating the hair with jojoba or safflower oil (not sunflower) as these are the closest in composition to your natural oils. DO NOT use coconut oil for this, its molecules are too large to penetrate properly and it leaves a temporary coating that can prevent real moisture from entering the hair.

I offer a couple in-salon treatments that can be added on to any service to jump-start your rehydrating journey: the L'anza Ultimate Healing Treatment for Dry Hair ($25) and the Guy Tang #MyHero Luxury Treatment ($35) which addresses both moisture and strength.  Professional Malibu C Intense Hard Water and build up removing treatments are available starting at $45.

Below are the moisturizing products I carry rated from Intensive Treatment to Maintenance, as well as tips for each one. Keep in mind, almost all styling products are available in a budget friendly travel size! I also do complementary delivery within Calgary for orders over $60.


Remember: you cannot damage your hair with too much moisture!

Intensive Treatment:

Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Treatment

Literally one of my favourite products EVER! Aloe Vera combined with Avocado and Castor Seed Oils penetrate deep into your hair, making it silky soft! It's great for all hair types, including fine hair. It's color safe and also has some strengthening ingredients so it is a great choice for colored hair.


It's SUPER concentrated so a little goes a long way, usually the size of a quarter is enough for average hair length and density. Keep in mind, the shampoo is sulfate free and is designed to not be as stripping as regular shampoo, so don't be surprised if it doesn't really lather, just make sure your hair is very wet, rub it in your hands first and then work it through your hair like usual.


Intensive Treatment and Maintenance:

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment

I am OBSESSED with this oil, even when I don't plan on styling my hair I still put this product in my hair. Jojoba oil based with nourishing vitamins and quinoa protein, this product is AMAZING for detangling wet or dry hair, decreasing frizz and static, decreasing drying time, protecting from elemental and heat damage up to 450 degrees (extending the life of color!) and ABSORBING into the hair so you can use it multiple times between washes if needed. Plus it smells like a creamcicle. A little goes a long way, my "travel size" (125ml) lasts me a solid year or longer (1-3 pumps for normal hair). Use with Moisturizing Shampoo and Treatment for the most intense results.

Moderate Treatment:

Loma Deep Conditioner

This product treats both moisture and strength problems and is a bit lighter weight than the Moisturizing Treatment. It's designed to also be a cleansing conditioner (curly girl method friendly!) and can be used as a texture product on dry hair in small amounts.

If you find your hair "gets used to"  products easily, this is a good product to alternate with the Moisturizing Treatment.

Moderate Maintenance:

Loma Smoothing Crème

This product contains both moisturizing and strengthening components using aloe vera, castor oil and creatine. Despite being a smoothing product, Smoothing Crème isn't overly heavy when used appropriately. When I use it in my hair I use the size of a good pea (I have fine hair) on towel dried hair, comb it and then blow dry. The thicker/dryer your hair is, the more you can use. It also makes a great moisturizier for your skin!

Mild Treatment and Maintenance:

Loma Calming Crème

This product is very light, being over 80% aloe vera. It's moisturizing, softening, antifrizz, and has moderate heat protection. I use a SMALL amount with the Nourishing Oil Treatment when I let my hair air dry (my natural waves like it!). It can also be used on dry skin.