Beautiful hair starts with a quality haircut. Whether you want a big change, maintain what you have or are growing your hair out, getting your hair cut regularly will keep it healthy and manageable. Haircuts are also a great time to try new products to make styling easier and protect your hair between appointments.

Feel like you hair needs some extra care? Ask for a Deep Conditioner, L'Anza Ultimate Healing Treatment or Quadraplex to optimize your hair condition!

I have over 8 years of technical training and experience, allowing me to create a cut that is right for you. I have training in classical Vidal Sassoon techniques as well as current trends.

Services always include washing and styling with Loma Organics Beauty products. 


Kid's Haircut


Age 12 and Under. Cut and simple style, optional wash

**Please note that to be able to maintain safety standards during the Covid-19 pandemic, kids cuts can only be done on kids who can wear a mask and properly wash their hands. I realize this excludes many kids (including my own)**

Clipper Haircut



Wash, clipper cut on sides, scissors on top, minimal styling

Scissor Haircut


Wash, Cut and Simple Style

Extreme Length/Density/Texture

$20/Extra 15 Minutes

Sometimes hair needs more time than average. While I welcome all types of hair, I do need to charge for the extra time it takes to give it my full attention.

Deep Conditioner


Loma Deep Conditioner applied after shampooing and allowed to sit for 5 minutes. Add-on only.

L'anza Ultimate Healing Treatment


A salon exclusive hair healing treatment which restores strength and moisture to the hair. It is customized to individual hair needs. Add-on only.

Guy Tang #MyHero Collagen Treatment


4 step luxury treatment featuring collagen that repairs the hair inside and out, ensuring better color longevity and general manageability.



Patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. OLAPLEX is used to restore damaged and compromised hair and is added to any service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.